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From note dump
to no problem.

Jot helps you get information into the productivity apps you love without interrupting your flow.

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Minimize mental burden, conquer context switching, and actually stay organized without replacing the apps you're familiar with. Your brain (and the notes app you've been using as a brain dump) will thank you — we promise.

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Simply jot something down…

Anything. An item for a grocery list. The name of a podcast you’d like to listen to later. A business idea. A phone number. Your next great meme. Your best friend’s dog’s birthday. Anything.

A digital illustration of a person with long, wavy hair, a hoodie, blue jeans and heels, pushing a notebook in to a row of brightly colored books.

…then forget about it!

Go live your life! Jot remembers it all for you it until you’re ready to deal with it — and no sooner.

In the background we categorize your jots based on what they are, their importance, and any critical details you've mentioned — dates, phone numbers, and more.

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Review when it's convenient

When you’re ready to review your jots, we've already sorted them so you can add them to the productivity apps you use in one tap. This way, everything you've jotted down actually gets organized — no matter how quickly (or thoughtlessly) you did it.

If you don't need something anymore (or would rather review it later), simply swipe it away.

that's Jot.
Jot works.

Before Jot, my notes app was a disorganized mess. Between forgotten ideas I had written down hastily and random pieces of information I'd end up deleting anyway (whose phone number even is this!?), I was feeling more and more overwhelmed with every passing note. I had tried using other apps, and I really did love them, but when I had to get something into them quickly, I sorely missed the convenience of just dumping it into my notes app. We built Jot to bridge this gap!

A photo of Jot co-founder, Ivy Ivy (she/her) CO-FOUNDER

Jot has become the perfect layer on top of the Notion workflow that I've been refining over the past two years. I can keep the structure I've perfected for my workflow, but I no longer encounter moments where I'm searching for the correct Notion page during an important meeting. We're so excited to see how Jot can assist in your workflows and all of the creative ways you'll use it!

An illustrated avatar of Jot co-founder, Jacob Jacob Stordahl (he/they) CO-FOUNDER

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