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Setting Up a Jot Connection with Notion

Jacob Stordahl (he/they) on Aug 15, 2021, 12:05 AM

Notion is a great tool for staying organized, but getting information into it can be a pain, especially when you need to do so quickly. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to make this easier by connecting your Notion account to Jot and setting up a basic to-do list connection for a Notion page.

This tutorial takes about five minutes.

What is a connection?

To put it simply, connections are how you tell Jot where you'd like things that you've jotted down to go. You can have connections for notes, to-do list items, bookmarks, and much more.

In this tutorial we'll set up a connection for our to-do list in Notion and send our first jot to it!

Creating a Notion connection

Before we begin, make sure you're logged in to Jot. Also make sure that you have a Notion account with at least one page created (in this tutorial we'll be setting up a to-do list, so we suggest creating an empty page called To-do). We'll be sending your jots to this page!

Jot also supports Notion databases. This same guide can be followed, but you'll choose Notion database instead of Notion page when asked.

First, head to your Jot profile (by clicking the profile link in the top right corner of the screen), then click on the Set up connections button.

A screenshot of the "Connections" section of the users profile page

Your connections page will be blank if you haven't set up any connections yet. To create a new connection, click the Create connection button at the top right of the screen.

A screenshot showing the "Connect App" button in the users Connections page

Next, we'll select what this connection will be used for. Today, we'll be setting up a to-do list on Notion, so click the to-do list option.

A screenshot of the connection types menu

A list of apps that accept to-do list items will appear. We'll select Notion page, and name our connection todo.

In the Going further section of this post, we'll explain how we can use our connection's name to make jot even quicker.

A screenshot of the Connection setup page

After clicking Done you'll see that your connection has been saved, but that it shows a red Not set up label. This is because while we've created the connection in Jot, we haven't yet connected it to Notion.

A screenshot of the Connection settings page before authorizing with Notion

Next, scroll down until you see the Authorize with Notion button. When you click it, you'll be sent to Notion and be prompted to log in to the account that you'd like to connect to Jot.

A screenshot of the Notion authorization screen

Once you've done so, select the pages that Jot should have access to. Make sure you select your newly created to-do page. Once this is complete, you'll be sent back to Jot.

A screenshot of Notions "Allow Pages" screen

Now that we've connected to your Notion account, we're on to the last step!

In the Connection settings section, select the Notion page you created at the beginning of this tutorial. In this case, we're selecting our to-do page. Click Save, and voilà – you're ready to use your new connection!

A screenshot of the Connections Settings page, configured to send jots to a page titled to-do using a To-do item Notion block
A screenshot showing our connection is now active

Using your connection

On the main page of Jot, type a to-do list entry in the jot box. For example, we'll type walk the cat. Once you're done, hit enter on your keyboard.

A screenshot of the Jot box, with a jot reading "Walk the cat"

In the background, Jot categorizes your jot based on what it is: in this case, a to-do list item. We do this for you so at the end of the day (or whenever is most convenient for you), you can review your jots quickly and easily — we've already guessed where they need to go!

Click on the review link at the top of the page. The review page will open. You'll see a card with the jot you just sent and four buttons below it.

A screenshot of the review page showing our newly created "Walk the cat" jot and our+todo connection

To review your newly created jot, make sure your Notion connection is selected, then click Send to +todo. Wait a moment for Notion to refresh, and you're done! You should see your jot on your Notion page.

Congratulations! You're now ready to set up connections for Notion in all sorts of creative ways. Let us know what you're using Jot + Notion for in our Discord!

Going further

Jot is even quicker with shortcuts

Sometimes, you'll know exactly where you want a jot to go as you're writing it. In this case, you can skip the review by typing your connection's tag.

Earlier in the article, we named our connection todo. On the main page of Jot, type a to-do list entry in the jot box, but this time add +todo to the end before you hit enter.

A screenshot showing the Jot box with a jot reading "+todo vacuum bedroom"

Your jot will be sent straight to the Notion page you set up!

+todo is your action's tag. An action tag is like a hashtag, but it starts with a + instead of a #. If you had another action named note, for example, it's tag would be +note.

Notion database? No problem

Jot also supports Notion databases, so you can link your Notion kanban boards, calendars, timelines, and more. To do so, follow the instructions above, but when selecting an app, select Notion database instead of Notion page.

How others are using Notion with Jot

Noah (they/them) uses Notion with Jot to create a list of movies that they want to watch. Whenever they come across a new movie, they jot it down with their tag +movies so it gets added straight to their watch list — a Notion page linked to jot as a notes connection. Here is a sneak peak at their Jot setup!

A screenshot of Noah Tanooki's connection list
A screenshot of Noah Tanooki's recipes Database in Notion, connected to Jot
A screenshot of Noah Tanooki's bucket list in Notion, connected to Jot
A screenshot of Noah Tanooki's movies/tv list in Notion, connected to Jot

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