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Exploring Jot's bookmarklet

Jacob Stordahl (he/they) on Aug 17, 2021, 1:19 PM

"Bookmark hell"

I've tried for years to use the Bookmarks feature built into the web browser as a part of my workflow. As a front-end developer, I tend to use a variety of browsers, however none of them have really figured out bookmarking. My experience with these features feel very much like the "brain dump" notes problem that inspired Jot (read our Introducing Jot blog post if you haven't). However, instead of notes, my bookmarks menu has become an endless pit of URLs I have no idea when I saved or why I saved them. I call this bookmark hell. Thankfully, Jot has a solution; the bookmarklet!

Using the bookmarklet

Setting up the bookmarklet is super simple and even faster. Before we begin, make sure you have a Jot account and are logged in. To find the bookmarklet, head to the profile page and find the "manage you account" section at the bottom.

A screenshot of the "Manage Your Account" section within the Jot profile page

Lastly, click and drag the "jot this" bookmarklet onto your bookmarks toolbar and voilà! Your bookmarklet is ready to use! Whenever you're on a webpage you'd like to jot, simply click the bookmarklet in your toolbar. Then while reviewing your jots, you can send the link to any of your connections; no more bookmark hell!

A gif showing the bookmarklet in action; showing saving the Wikipedia page for 'Cat' to Jot using the bookmarklet

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