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Introducing Jot!

Ivy (she/her) on Aug 24, 2021, 6:39 PM

Adrift in an endless pile of notes

I swear — I've tried every single productivity app there is. And I love some of them! Like, really love them. My Notion set up is a work of art—love them. But it's not that simple...

A photo of a notes app with the note "WTF is this number!? 49538002 Oct 11, 2020". An emoji of a white woman with black hair shrugging (representing the author, Ivy) is above it.

(This isn't the actual number, if you're wondering.)

My app set-up was great, and yet, I'd still open my phone to the same sad story every day: a notes app filled with hundreds of notes of random numbers (some important, surely!), broken thoughts (also important!), and who knows what else? It's the kind of thing that would haunt your nightmares 😱

The productivity apps I tried were great, but when I was out and about, busy, tired, or whatever, being able to open my notes app, jot something down, and be done with it was just so tempting — even if it became a mess — because it didn't involve context switching, or as I like to put it: interrupting my flow.

This strategy got especially old when trying to find that thing I knew I had written down a while back... but I didn't remember what it was and I had never categorized it — I just knew it was important. It was somewhere buried between a ramen recipe, a business idea, "buy soy milk", and "listen to 100 gecs??". You get the picture 🤯

A baby app is born!

I started a personal project in Notion with Jacob, Milo, and Noah (together we're the dream-team behind Jot) and it clicked! Not only do we all struggle with task switching, trouble actually using our preferred apps, and digital burn out, but so do a lot of people. In fact, peoples' concerns about digital well-being are only getting louder.

So being a group of engineers, designers, and people determined to end "The Curse of [Insert Your Notes App Here]", we created Jot! And honestly? It really works.

I've always believed that digital wellbeing that lasts doesn't come from forced restriction, but from naturally limiting how often and for how long we use our phones. It's all about reducing harm!

Welcome to Jot!

A screenshot of Jot with 'return "I hope we choose love" sep 3!!' typed out.

We provide a single input for all of your apps, so when you need to take something down quickly, you can simply open jot and fire it off without having to think about it. In the background we categorize your jots based on what they are, their importance, and any critical details you've mentioned — dates, phone numbers, and more.

An animated GIF of the Jot review screen. Ivy is seen quickly sending their jots to their apps.

When you’re ready to review your jots, we've already sorted them so you can add them to the productivity apps you use in one tap. This way, everything you've jotted down actually gets organized — no matter how quickly (or thoughtlessly) you did it.

An animated GIF showing Ivy typing "buy coffee beans!! +shopping" on their phone and it being sent to their shopping list page on Notion instantly.

What's more, if you know where you want a jot to go, you can tag it instantly (e.g. chickpeas +shopping) and we'll send it straight to your app — no review needed. You also get the basics, like dismissing a jot for later (swipe right) or forgetting it entirely (swipe left).

Jot is as easy as opening your notes app to brain dump, but you'll actually stay organized.

Our first users will receive free founders accounts for life, so be sure to share jot with anyone who might need it! 🔥

We have ambitious plans!

We're shipping with support for Notion (pages and databases, including kanbans!), Todoist, and CalDav (calendars and tasks)! And for the hackers out there, we provide a really nice webhook set up.

We'll be announcing our roadmap soon, so be sure to follow us on Twitter or join our Discord community (we'll also keep you in the loop via email if you have an account with us) 💌

We're most excited about building polished, accessible apps for major platforms (iOS and Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux!), adding integrations for the apps you love, and working with users to build a product that we all genuinely love using.

Why Jot is different

We're a team of young, multiply-marginalized people of various genders and abilities who are committed to leaving a positive impact on the world in every way we can. We promise to always prioritize ethics, meaning we will not sell your data or exploit you for our own gain.

Unlike most other apps, our goal is to get you in and out of our app as quickly as possible.

All four of us use Jot full time - so we're constantly improving it in every way we can! 👩🏻‍💻

That's a wrap!

We're thrilled you're here, and we hope you enjoy using jot as much as we've enjoyed building it! 🌟

Have any questions? Suggestions? Comments? We're on Twitter and Discord, or you can email us at!

About Ivy

Co-founder of Jot and software engineer, Ivy spends her spare time making music, writing about digital social justice, and taking care of her plant babies.